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2011 annual Space Weather Workshop

3 years ago by Astraspace

During the 2011 annual Space Weather Workshop, hosted by the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado (, a key announcement was made regarding the commercial sector involved with providing space weather products and services.

Atmospheric and Space Technology Research Associates (ASTRA) was announced as one of the five founding commercial providers who have officially formed the American Commercial Space Weather Association, a formal organization that will represent private-sector commercial interests.

The American Commercial Space Weather Association (ACSWA) has as its mission statement the following goals:

  1. To provide quality space weather data and services to help mitigate risks to technology that is vital to the country and government;
  2. To provide advisory services regarding space weather to government agencies;
  3. To provide guidance to government agencies on what tasks can be better provided by commercial space weather providers versus government agencies;
  4. To represent the interests of commercial space weather providers;
  5. To represent commercial space weather capabilities in the national and international arena; and
  6. To develop operational space weather best-practice

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