Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates (ASTRA) Space Physics and Space Weather Research

Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, LLC (ASTRA) is a rapidly growing company involved in research and development in all aspects of space physics. Our work includes modeling of the thermosphere and ionosphere of Earth and Mars, data analysis, data assimilation, and instrument development. We also transition fundamental research to industry and DoD. Our customers include civilian and DoD agencies, and commercial firms.

The core of our mission is to supply complex information to our customers in a meaningful way. Our people are the driving force of the company. Our staff enhances our products and services with superior knowledge and support. Our research scientists and engineers work independently and objectively in a supportive yet challenging research environment at ASTRA. All of our staff have degrees, and over 60% have doctorates.

Take a look at the publications and presentations that we have posted on-line. We are proud of the information that we can supply to others.

Feel free to contact at us at:
5777 Central Ave. Suite 221
Boulder, Colorado 80301